Monday, January 4, 2010

Taking Back America

Taking Back America

Everybody has heard it. What does it really mean?

If you are American, "Take Back America" means to restore it some prior state of existence. I wish it was that simple, however America has been so manipulated to the point of corruption, and the continued line of criminals from the Presidents on down have turned the nation into complete corruption and destruction. The damage is so severe the people responsibile should be branded traitors and executed for what they have done to America. They know who they are, they know no shame, and their slogan seems to be, Fuck You America, I am almost finished raping your ass!!

All the while this corruption has managed to saturate the country shame and sin, got it!,..with the US Constitution in place, with a US President, with a US Congress, and with a US Supreme Court. That tells me the old way the founding fathers thought would work, doesn't. Everybody agree? Good!!

So "Take Back America" doesn't mean doing business as usual, BECAUSE!!! IT DOESN"T FUCKING WORK!! So I am advocating a new Federal Government structure, that does work, and an organization called the All Volunteer Government Party (AVGP). It is truely the Party of "Change," because I am tired of handing Uncle Scam my money to bend me over with and fuck me in the ass. The AVGP is a well thought out logical plan to take back America and put it in the rightful owners hands ~ That would be you if you are an American citizen. And I get mad, and I cuss, because I am tired of seeing my fellow Americans destroyed, denied, lied to, and enslaved by the the scumbags in DC.

[NOTE] If you came here to play Tit-Tat of who is right, who did what, etc., you stopped at the wrong blog. I am providing an accompanying forum for the political game players. Go here: Freedom America It doesn't matter who they are. They know who they are, and the AVGP will see that they are no longer there, so lets concentrate on taking back America, not wasting our time dividing the country folks with needless bull shit! It's time to lay it down and save your country, serve your fellow Americans.

The blog is about real life, your life and your children's life, in what is left of America, and then how the AVGP intends to change it. Because truely people, we are not going to take it anymore. We don't need guns, we just need dedicated AVGP Americans. We don't need rebellion and seeing mass murder of American citizens in order to restore freedom, we need AVCP Americans pulling the handles at state and federal elections. Are we the 3rd Party you might ask? No. We are the first Party, the American Party of We The People. We don't need the Elites games of dividing us into insignificant little groups, we will come to the AVGP as united Americans, and take back the country in the voter booth.

I have been involved in politics ever since I learned that it was government who sent my Borthers to die in Vietnam. So I have a few miles on me, perhaps more that most, but less than some. I want to give you a few conclusions of what I hope the AVGP can accomplish in taking back America and changing the old ways.

1.Eliminating the IRS & Collections Agency, because Americans will no longer be paying "Federal taxes."
2.Eliminating all Federal employees, elected officials, appointed officials throughout the Federal government, including the military.
3.Eliminates every form of Federal AID from Homeless AID to Foreign & Corporate AID.
4.Eliminates a need for Lobbyists & special interest groups in DC.
5.Stops the Federal tax flow from States.
6.Eliminates Pork Barrel spending.

[NOTE] The AVGP has no plans of touching state governments, county governments, or Local governments, with the exception that States will no longer get Federal funding. Border/port/airport states will collect import/export fees, as the federal government has abused and corrupted it's use as well. Lets see if they can guard our borders and control terrorists.

So here is how the AVGP plan intends to be implemented.

1.AVGP candidates will voted into state & federal government, and the Presidency ~ AS a majority power. A Constitutional convention will be called to open up the Constitution and make necessary changes to implement the new form of voluntary donation government.

2.Once necessary changes have been made, Congress will continue to write laws, and the President will continue to sign legislation into law, HOWEVER, Congress, nor the President will have the authority to fund any legislation, bill, policy, Executive Order, or treaty.

3.All funding will reside in the American people by donations, the All Volunteer Government. Each American citizen will be able to donate to any Federal legislation they choose, or none at all.

Americans currently watch about 50% of their paycheck be funneled off to the IRS each year to mostly fund legislation and ongoing programs they protest to no avail. This is the core thinking of the AVGP. Money is power & government has successfully devised a means to take away the power of the American citizen. The AVGP will keep that money in your pocket book, and let you support whatever programs you choose. People will be happy to donate to those causes they wish the federal governemnt to run.

[NOTE]Corporations are NOT individuals and allowed to donate as such.

Lets say for example, I want to fund humanitarian issues, so I fund welfare, national health care and Homeless projects. I want the troops out of Afghanistan and around the globe, so I refuse to fund the Military.

What you donate your money to, has to go specifically to the legislation you chose. NO pooling, slush funds, or other means to redirect your donation away from your cause.

1.IF the money is not utililized in 6 months, it is sent back to you. It is sent back because not enough Americans wish to fund your cause. It points out clearly which programs the federal government has no business funding at that point in time.

2.Funding occurs rapidly. You can fund by credit card, bank transfer, check or money order, over the internet, paypal, etc.